Why Use Select Media For Your Fax Broadcasting?

RETRIES: No charge for retries. You pay only for completed faxes. If delivery of your document is incomplete... you do not pay for that fax.

RESULT REPORTS: You receive a detailed of all faxes, delivered or undelivered, sent after every Fax Broadcast.

SETUP: There is NO charge for setting up your fax broadcasting project. We will:

  • Import your existing lists of fax numbers from your specified format.

  • Maintain your list - even do Area Code updates.

  • Test-fax your document as needed to ensure that it looks how you want it to.

INTEGRATION WITH SMARTKEYTM: Leverage your fax broadcasting project and save money by integrating your campaign with our On-line Direct Response product - SmartKeyTM.

SUPPORT: Our friendly skilled technicians are trained to work closely with you to help you to achieve your fax broadcasting goals.

SPEED: Our high-power faxing facility delivers 1,000's of faxes an hour.

Please examine us for completeness. We try to cover all of your Fax Broadcasting needs...