SmartKey™ Solutions!

What can I use SmartKey™ for?

There are many ways to make use of this incredible technology. Here are just some ideas...
  • Capture buyer and prospect profiles
  • Capture survey/application information on-line
  • Run sweepstakes or contests on-line
  • Sell a product or service
  • Generate Sales and telemarketing leads
  • Fulfill orders on-line
  • Accept donations
  • Send follow up

How can SmartKey™ help my business?

SmartKey will...

  • Personalize an on-line offer to your prospect
  • Capture profile information on your prospects and customers
  • Convert and validate user's address
  • Capture and validate the user's e-mail address
  • Capture additional valuable demographic information
  • Track total number of visits
  • How long they stayed for
  • Track links followed so that you know what was of interest
  • Provide up to the minute campaign stats so that you can modify your strategy on the fly
  • Sends follow up messages to responders

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