Consumer Mailing Lists and Telemarketing Sales Leads

There are thousands of different Consumer Mailing Lists and Sales Leads Resources available in the market place today. Generally, they fall into one of two categories: (i) Response Consumer Mailing Lists and Sales Leads and (ii) Compiled Consumer Mailing Lists and Sales Leads.

Response Consumer Mailing Lists can be very good source of sales leads for Direct Marketing and Telemarketing because typically the Consumer names and sales leads in the Consumer Mailing Lists have already responded to a particular mailing, marketing or telemarketing campaign. These can, therefore, be qualified as Direct Marketing responders and are added to Consumer Mailing Lists. The type of mailing list or sales leads can also be very specific. For instance, if you are looking for a Consumer Mailing Lists and sales leads of individuals or consumers who subscribe to a periodical or magazine, this type of Consumer Mailing List is readily available. Click Here to access our listings of Consumer Mailing Lists and Sales Leads Response Lists.

Compiled Consumer Mailing Lists are another good source of sales leads and have the advantage of being able to be segmented by a number of demographics and can be used to narrow down the type of consumer sales leads that you wish to mail to or run a telemarketing programme to. Click Here to run a FREE count on our online database of Consumer Mailing Lists and sales leads that you can use for your next consumer mailing campaign!  For instance, some of the selection criteria that you may wish to use to select your next Consumer Mailing Lists and sales leads could be:



Household Income

Individual Income





Call your account representative today and they will help you select the right type of Sales Leads and Consumer Mailing Lists for your next Direct Mailing campaign or Telemarketing campaign.




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