Fax Broadcasting and Fax Advertising Blast

For sending a time sensitive message or documentation to a large number of national or international destinations, Fax Broadcasting is the fastest, most reliable and cost effective means of communication. Using a Fax Advertising Blast to send your documents is more time efficient than other methods of marketing such as direct mail. Fax Broadcasting or Fax Advertising Blasts not only generate rapid market response but is significantly cheaper than direct mail.

Select Media's™ Fax Broadcasting and Fax Advertising blasting service employs the latest, advanced computer-based technology to ensure that your fax advertising blast is completed within minutes - from start to finish (that would take hours using conventional systems).

Documents for fax broadcasting or for fax advertising blasting - incorporating text, graphics and charts - are sent to Select Media by mail, courier, fax or electronically and can be enhanced by our designers using the latest Design software before your fax advertising blast is sent. 

Each fax advertising blast can be merged and personalized, using your distribution list or one supplied by Select Media, and maintained by us for ongoing use. Copies arriving at their destinations through fax broadcasting are crisp, laser quality standard and can be scheduled to take advantage of off-peak tariffs.

Fax Broadcasting and Fax Advertising Blasts are the ideal distribution methods for applications including:

Economic market reports and analyses.

Investor/ corporate communications.

Financial Bulletins (Daily/Hourly) 

Urgent press releases & Newsletters.

Product and pricing news.

Target marketing.

Conference and exhibition registration.

Call your account representative today and they will help you select the right type of fax broadcasting or fax advertising blast  service to meet your needs.




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