A Simple But Effective Direct Marketing Strategy and Plan!

Select Media™ can help you save time and money by helping you with you direct marketing strategy and plan. We will carefully guide you through each step of your direct marketing strategy from writing your plan, designing the creative and analyzing the data as follows:

  1. Develop Strategy: Select Media™ will consult with you to help develop a direct marketing strategy and plan that works tailored to your specific market and industry.

  2. Write Plan: While this may not seem like a very important step in the marketing process, it is vital for assessing the success of your direct marketing strategy. Once you have written your plan, you will continue to revisit your written direct marketing strategy and plan and make any necessary adjustments to ensure continued success. (Call your account representative today and they will help you develop the right Direct Marketing Strategy or help you write your plan.)

  1. Select Media: Once you know your direct marketing strategy and you have written your plan, the next step will be to select the media that you plan to use. For instance, having determined in your direct marketing strategy and plan that you have a budget to run a test direct mail campaign, now you have to make some important decisions... What type of list will you use to target your market? Which of the many lists will you test? What offer are you planning to use? What type of print media do you plan on using - postcards, brochures, catalogues?

  2. Design Creative: Now that you have selected the media that you want to use, now you need to design the creative. This step, together with the list/media selection is the most important step in the marketing plan. One word can make of the difference between a successful direct marketing strategy and a failure. Colour can also make a world of difference.


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