Inkjet Addressing and Mail Inserting

Inkjet Addressing

At Select Media™ we are able to help you with your mail preparation by inkjet addressing your mail and doing any mail inserting that you need done.

We can take your mail files and run inkjet addressing on your mail piece in a variety of methods. We offer Cheshire address labelling, Labelaire, inkjet addressing and lasering.

Inkjet addressing has become an ever increasing option as a result of the improvements made in inkjet addressing technology.

We have three systems allowing up to 600dpi resolution for inkjet addressing that rivals lasering at much reduced costs. Our equipment is also capable of printing the postal indicia on the envelope at the same time.

You may even consider inkjet addressing your company logo or a generic message to the mail piece. This can be added to the mail piece at the same time that we are inkjet addressing the address.

Mail Inserting

When your customer places an order, capture the transaction information, store it in a database and simply send it to us.

Our smart mail inserting equipment can do the rest for you. We can intelligently do mail inserting by insert different inserts into the envelope or package that you want to send. Our mail inserting is dependant entirely upon the transaction information that we receive!

This smart mail inserting solution is a great way to deliver a low-cost and effective direct mail package with a customised message to your customers. This method of mail inserting is also referred to as SmartMail as we are able to selectively do mail inserting by inserting pieces into a client envelope by the use of an OMR bar code.

Call your account representative today and they will help you select the right type of inkjet addressing service or mail inserting service that is right for you.

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