Direct Response Marketing and Advertising Promotion

Select Media™ is your ideal partner when it comes to direct response marketing and advertising promotion. We have a full suite of services to help you promote your product or service be it through institutional advertising promotion or direct response marketing methods such as direct mail, fax broadcasting, email broadcasting or telemarketing. Whatever method of advertising promotion or direct response marketing that you want to do, Select Media™ can help.

Select Media™ can also help you with your direct response marketing program by integrating your strategy with the internet. An advertising promotion that is tied into the internet today is crucial to help you stay ahead of the competition. (See our "SmartKey Solution" in the menu under "Media & Communication")

The team at Select Media™ are experts in helping you create a direct response marketing program that works, and that works within your budget. Whether you have a large advertising promotion budget or small advertising promotion budget, Select Media™ can help you get results.

Typically we take our clients though the "7 Steps of Effective Direct Response Marketing" helping you right from developing your Stratgy to Analysing your data after you have run your advertising promotion or direct response marketing campaign. (Find out more by clicking under "Strategy & Plan" under the Media & Communications Menu tab.)

We can also help you to get your branding right and Unique Sales Proposition right as well. Many times, how successful you are depends on how clear your advertising promotion and direct response marketing plan, conveys these things.

The most important aspects of any offer, however, (i) how you target your market (ii) what your creative looks like (iii) what offer your are making, and (iv) how often you market to your client or prospect.

Call your account representative today and they will help you select the right Direct Response Marketing Program or Advertising Promotion.




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