Who are your best prospects?

Select Media can help you to analyze your data so that you can:



  • Increase Profitability

  • Increase Retention

  • Increase Number of Customers

  • Increase Return on Investment

  • Reduce Marketing Costs

Ask some important questions...



  • Who are my customers?

  • Are they profitable?

  • Which services do they use?

  • Are they Preferred Customers?

  • How can I make them more profitable?

  • How can I find more of them?

  • How can I reduce my DM costs?

Find out some important answers, by Profiling and Segmenting your customer base...

Maximize the differences between groups of clients within your client base.

Minimize the differences within groups in your client base.

Then find some more clients like your best ones, by selecting and marketing to a prospect list with the same demographics as your best cleints.




  • Lifetime Value Model

  • Response Model

  • Customer Profile Analysis

  • SIC Penetration Report

  • Credit Approval Model




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