International Mail

We induct many hundreds of thousands of pieces of mail a month into the U.S. Postal system and have had accounts established there since we started in 1994. we are completely familiar with the rules and regulations required by USPS and one of our representatives would be happy to help you launch your next campaign into the huge U.S. market.      

Mapping out your mailing plan for an international direct mail campaign is often like completing a jigsaw puzzle. At Select Media™ we are able to bring both expertise and efficiencies to the table. Our recent approval by The Irish Post Office as a re-mailer allows you to have your mailing needs looked after right here.

Re-mail is the process of preparing mail for deposit in the postal system of another country for delivery to its final destination. With A-B-C re-mail, mail travels as cargo from “Country A” to “Country B” where it enters the postal stream for delivery in “Country C.”


When planning your international mailing you need to consult on all aspects of the mail process to ensure that you save the most money you can.

Unlike domestic postal delivery, no monopoly exists on the delivery of international mail. Mailers can choose from three basic options when sending international direct mail:

  1. One of the Canada Post’s international services
  2. An international mailing service, such as re-mail or consolidation, provided by private commercial carrier
  3. The direct-entry services, a foreign postal administration or a private commercial carrier.

Deciding which way to mail your campaign depends on a number of key variables. Our trained representatives can help you with this decision and guide you through the maize of international mailing. 




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