Polywrapping & Shrinkwrapping

Select Media™ has the capabilities to enable you to poly-wrap or even shrink wrap your package utilizing a variety of types of poly. We utilize all types of film, including OPP, PE, PP, PVC to name a few! In addition, our numerous automated features save on labour which translates into savings for you.

Our equipment can handle a wide variety of wrapping speeds and will accept a complete range of product sizes and are able to easily adapt to satisfy almost any application.

With speeds of up to 12,000 p.p.h. Select Media™'s Polymail C905 offer allows even more timely turnarounds on both large and small projects compared to conventional inserting and labelling methods. Again this converts into cost savings for you.

Our Polymail C905’s can help you Polywrap magazines, inserts, flyers, boxes samples, Annual Reports, CD's and much more! And with our high-capacity shrink tunnel featuring fully adjustable air temperature, airflow and conveyor speeds, we can guarantee the best shrink packaging with all types of film.   

Polywrapping and shrink wrapping mail has long been our strong suit. We were one of the first companies in Canada to utilize this invaluable service and have expanded this service to include printed poly, inkjet printing on poly and film registration to adjust for variable heights in products. 




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