Smart Inserting

Just as large publishers have used samples from seeds to shampoo and toothbrushes and dental floss there are a number of products that can be sent in the same manner. Consider some like this one, which was successfully used:coffee samples along with a card suggesting “ Make Your Break Special” and a list of ingredients in a magazine.

The cover promoting “Free Sample Inside” and proclaimed “A Good Read Deserves Good Coffee”.

High visibility is another important selling feature that you can offer your clients and Provides a diverse method of reaching an audience.

Outserts stand out more than the regular inside the magazine advertising and often makes the difference in attracting clients. 


Advertisers get reduced postage costs by “Piggy backing” along with a magazine or tabloid. Smaller advertisers can send smaller quantities as an outsert as opposed to a full ad inside the magazine.

These Outserts can be sent to specific postal code areas which can also attract the local advertisers who may not be able to afford a full blown campaign or advertisement.






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