High Response! Low Investment!

Select Media's Voice Broadcasting service enables you to send thousands of voice messages throughout Canada and North America and even worldwide. Each message can be programmed for answering machine only, live-answer only or a combination of both with the same or different messages.

Running your next voice campaign is easy. All you have to do is record a message for distribution over the phone. We can then either use your contact list for distribution or provide you with a contact list using demographics that you select. The delivery is managed by Select Media for you, so there is no need for any other software or hardware.  


Improve Productivity and cut costs

90% of telemarketers are hung up on before they get a chance to deliver their message. Messages that are delivered via Voice Broadcast get listened to 100% of the time.

Voice Broadcasting costs a fraction of Direct Mail or other advertising methods and is much more effective! You can use it for fund raising, political campaigns, public service announcements, notification of meetings, loyalty programs, business to business prospecting etc. (Please check local legislation for rules in your area for voice broadcasting.)   





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